Monday, July 19, 2010

Rainy Day - Art Stuff

Another rainy day in Houston and what are we going to do? Straighten up first. Examples: make beds, dishes in dishwasher, wipe counters and clean off the table. Think about dinner. (Get a head start if possible, a little prep in the morning helps). Now,get out some art supplies: paper, scissors(if people cut), stamps and stamp pads, stickers, markers and crayons. I like to have people work on trays or a washable surface. Then, allow children to choose paper and other supplies. Everyone has their stuff in their place. Put young ones in an appropriate chair too. (Get a cup of tea for yourself) and sit down with them. "What are you going to do with your choices?" Start some conversation and comment on what is happening. (Please, no phones!)
Relax and grab some supplies too. I have found that older children working with younger ones are great teachers. Younger ones simply observe and even absorbs the the older ones activities. The creativity increases as they all work together. Peaceful music may also help the day pass. Talk and listen. Listen and talk as the artists work. Some artists are interested in creating a picture or project, others, especially young ones, are all about the process- how and why does this happen.

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