Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Prep with children

Children are a powerful work force! They love to help, working toward independence!
IDEAS:Deviled Eggs
2 year olds and up are great hard boiled egg peelers! Deviled eggs will keep them peeling for a while.(Don't try to wash your hair, stay close!)
Boil eggs, cool completely and then show the child how to tap the large part on counter to crack air space. Carefully lift off shell all the way around. Then rinse in a bowl or under running water depending on the safe peeling spot. Cut eggs,(smaller end to bottom) and lift out yoke with spoon bowl. Mash and stir in desired seasonings. Replaceing the yoke is a tricky skill to learn, so using that old baby spoon( the one with the small bowl and long handle,it may be silver)works well.
Place fiinished eggs on a plate and cover. WONDERFUL JOB!!!.

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